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Photos and other stuff

Whitby Goth Weekend: 24-27-March 2011 Whitby Goth Weekend: 24-27-March 2011Ok, so now the weekend is over, and I'm back home, it's time for the usual run of photos, and mine can be found by clicking on either of the photos here.

Broadly, we had a great time this weekend - the usual silliness abounded, and as part of Real Gothic FC I'd like to thank everyone who came along - we ended up with well over £700 raised for charity.

There was one thing that really got my goat over the weekend, though, and that was what transpired in terms of the Sunday night events that "replaced" Laughtons. I've gone into the weekend in full on my blog, but I've put the relevant rant in a cut below. I'm hoping that I'm not the only one thinking along these lines.

In time gone by, Sunday night automatically meant heading to Laughtons for the drunken lunacy of the 80s night. But with the passing of the night into “new hands”, and then the end of Laughtons (after what felt like a long, lingering death), I think it was appreciated that things had to change. But what I didn’t expect was for two competing nights – both effectively trying to do the same thing – to go ahead. And frankly, as soon as it was realised the week before Whitby that both nights were going ahead, it became plainly clear that we wouldn’t have the usual good-natured climax to the weekend, instead having a split audience that went along with one allegiance or the other, and so for the most part it was two half-full venues. Clever, real fucking clever.

Honestly, when are the various “organisers” going to stop acting like a group of rowdy, narky schoolchildren and take a look around at what they are doing? I can’t be the only regular Whitby Goth Weekend punter that is absolutely sick and fucking tired of wondering what latest round of drama is going to kill off. For one thing, this past weekend was noticeably quieter than usual for a spring Whitby – when the pubs (even the Elsinore and Little Angel) are half-empty into the evening on Thursday and Friday, that much is bloody obvious – making me wonder just how much damage moving the weekend forward by a month from it’s usual date caused. Then there was the club nights issue. What exactly was the late announcement of “Back to the 80s” by the “official” organisers meant to achieve? All it did was seemingly encourage those who were left high and dry by the closure of Laughtons to find themselves a new venue, and simply undercut the “other” event. Rather than slinging mud, insults and childishly “banning” certain people from one event or the other, if the organisers of both events had put their egos aside for one moment, we could have had one great night, rather than two barely average ones.

For the record, we chose to go to the Resolution’s upstairs “function room” version of the 80s night (the one that wasn’t “official”, in the end), simply as it was free, and a damned sight closer to our accomodation. The music wasn’t bad – certainly better than last October, which appeared to be missing the point of what had gone before – but it was simply too warm in there and the venue absolutely sucks for a club night. I don’t need to be reminded of shitty school discos. I understand things got a little better later on – the “official” night finished earlier, so everyone headed down to the Resolution. However a number of people, including us, had already left by this point. Well done, folks.

So, what next? Are we going to see more toys thrown out of the pram in the public between now and November? You know what I’d like? For some heads to be fucking banged together and for some semblance of a united festival to return next time around, but I’m not counting on it. I don’t give a shit about the reasons for all this starting, as organisers and promoters those involved should have been professional enough to deal with it behind closed doors and not let it affect the festival and related events that continue to run. No collaboration between goths will ever be drama-free – it’s not in our nature, it seems – but it would be nice just for once not to have to choose between which friends you see at events because competing, otherwise almost identical, events are going on.

A final note – we heard rumours, and I say rumours – from two different sources that Spa posters for the Saturday night had been defaced with “cancelled” notices during the day, however I don’t know of anyone who actually saw them. Can anyone corroborate either way? (Yet another sign, if it did happen or if it didn’t happen and rumours were spread anyway, of just how insane this situation has become).

No matter what, though, I'll be back in November, of course, as we always are...
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I think it's still going on, Just today the Custom Car Show announced it was moving to the official weekend from the previously stated Halloween weekend

As some of our party were only really interested in the Car Show we are booked for the October weekend (also I couldn't get time off from work for the November weekend), this might leave our group in the lurch..
Really? Means I can spend another chunk of time ogling cars this November.

Definite bugger that it's left you all in limbo, though.
childishly “banning” certain people from one event or the othe

SERIOUSLY?! banning people?

oh. my. god.

stay classy, goths. :/
As someone who was banned from the 80's night at the Res, I can say that it did happen.

I would love for all those involved to sit down and just sort out the differences and see that this is not a weekend for their egos, but for the punters who come up and love to be with their friends and have fun.

My understanding is there is now only ONE official WGW for November, but I don't know what will happen to the 80's night.

And for the record...I missed a lot of people as I was at the Met...but I really had no choice and even I did have one, I would choose the people who treated me with respect when I was ill.


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It's all gone silly, therefore i'll stay away & think of the good old days!
We (keris and I) had been intending to go, but unexpected accommodation difficulties appeared about two weeks ago. We did have other offers, but to be honest one of the things that dissuaded us from making a big effort to rearrange was all the politics.

Having lost the cutting edge of goth music, WGW is now nicely covering the cutting edge of goth politicking and drama.

As with you, we should be back in November though.
On a positive note, the wristband/ticket exchange was... simple. No unexpected questions or requests for ID. Just a simple swap.

Definitely a step in the right direction.
Now that's good news.

Though I do know at least one Spa attendee who's ticket didn't get posted in time - ARRGHHH!! How flocking difficult can it be to post tickets when the orders are received or the money is cashed, like every other promoter in the entire universe does? This has been going on for over a decade, for the love of glowsticks, sort it out WGW!


6 years ago

I really wish the 'sorting it out' was possible, but I can't see it happening. There are simply not enough venues for all the events now, and if it all runs on one weekend, you will be left with a situation in which not all of the events will be able to run :/ It's getting a bit cut-throat.

If something is done to replace Laughtons and the Shambles gets its entertainments license reinstated, then that will go a long way to sorting stuff out I think.

I think the Laughton's night was a great loss to the weekend, and I suspected there would be disappointment. The night at the Met seemed to have good intentions, but just having an iconic DJs setlists isn't enough, the DJ needs to be able to read the crowd and play what's appropriate for the crowd, interpret things ad hoc, and deal with requests etc.

I understand what you're saying about competing nights - it's nice to have a choice but it should be a proper choice, not two nights with nearly identical remits.

I only came to town on Sunday, I didn't see any defaced posters but heard about a dozen pointless rumours I don't see any point in repeating.

I'm not going to the November weekend, purely because I'm booked for 3 nights to work at the BSFF, Sexy Sunday and Manic Monday. I don't know what I'm doing on the Friday yet. The first weekend of any month is bad for me as I have to re-arrange a whole clubnight and we're doing that twice already this year for other commitments, I don't want to make a habit of it.
this something I got for nothing is broken I demand another one!

gee, god job the rest of the world doesn't have consumer choice or there would be anarchy and its not like I can talk to my friends and organize where they will all be at any one time.

I am really looking forward to the film festival and the various weekends entertainments.
Erm... we don't get Whitby 'for nothing' - we pay for tickets, accommodation and transport, not to mention supporting the town's restaurants and bars.


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I didn't see any defaced posters, but then TBH other than "Rev Hamster's" ads on Laughtons' doors for his 80s night I didn't see any posters at all. I did however see a Facebook post from one of the WAF promoters asking that could whoever was spreading rumors that both WAF and WGW were canceled please stop it, so I assume that's related.

Info I have, some from being there myself and some from trusted sources:

The SOPHIE event at RAW on Thursday was medium-busy.
Deviation upstairs at the Res was dead - when I arrived with four others at midnight (having come from the SOPHIE thing) we doubled the number of people in the room. This did have the advantage that DV8 Chris played entirely to our tastes - we got Nightwish, Inkubus Sukkubus, and Evanessence, one after the other! - but given the music was good it would have been nice if other people went.

Wasteland was dead.
Darklands at the Res was dead.
The Spa is an unknown - the Gazette claimed just 150 went but I don't believe that at all, and people who were there insist it's bollocks too. So assume at least 400, possibly many more.

The Spa all-but sold out, possibly did actually hit capacity. They'd sold 915 tickets (combined figure for weekend and day tickets) by mid-afternoon (heard that from an official source), and sold more through the evening.
Darklands at the Res was busy, and played a reasonably wide mix of non-stop floorfillers. Nothing too left-field (even though De'Ath was DJing for most of it), just huge hits. People danced all night.

Laura and I had tickets for Nostalgia (and got egged on our way there by twats in a car - see my FB for details), that was packed. Had friends at both 80s events and seemingly they were both busy too.

Did the beach party, watched the Maffball, obeyed Rule 1 (Do Not Be On Fire), went back to cottage at midnight so no idea about the clubnights but from Oldgoth's posts I gather Recolection at Raw went well.

Thoughts on Sunday: The WGW organisers should have consulted Mr Sherrington on arranging their 80s night. They wanted people to stick with the WGW and not the WAF out of loyalty to the official event - but surely that same sense of loyalty would have meant those who went would have stuck with Chris's night on the basis that it was the "official" followup to Laughtons, being run by the person who'd been given Laughtons when Sexbat decided to hang up his Duran Duran albums.

The loss of Laughtons has certainly changed things. There's only one actual nightclub in Whitby now and I don't see Oldgoth giving that up, esp as Nostalgia is a very popular event that packs the venue every time. Laughtons won't be coming back short of someone winning the lottery (several times) - for a while Weatherspoons were said to be looking at buying the New Angel / Laughtons complex, but backed out when they found major structural issues with the buildings. Seemingly some / all of it is listed, so what will most likely happen now is it'll be left to moulder (pigeons already inside I gather) until it becomes unsafe and the owners can have it demolished in spite of the listing. So it's unlikely Whitby will have another nightclub for a few decades.

The Shambles can't have a club license unless some serious sound-proofing is done, and that isn't going to be affordable any time soon.
There were definitely a lot more than 150 people at the Spa on Friday night!

Deviation on the Thursday was slightly spiked by the fact that there was a free DJ downstairs playing a very similar range of music.


6 years ago

You know what I'd like? For some heads to be fucking banged together and for some semblance of a united festival to return next time around

Ayup. One of the reasons that me and my wallet stayed away this time.

Hope you had a great one anyway!
I did, thanks - and for the first time in a long time, no hangovers either. I blame living in London for that. :)
I don't remember when they started, but Sexy Sunday at the Met and Laughton's have been head to head for years. There has been a split in crowds for ages, so it shouldn't be a surprise.

Sorry to hear there were problems.

My husband and I didn't go this time due to being in the US when the dates were announced and our preferred place to stay got booked before we could do so. We have stopped going to the autumn WGW, so it's possible April 2010 was our last WGW.

It wasn't a case of Sexy Sunday vs "Laughtons" ... Sexy Sunday is next weekend. Instead there were two different 80s nights, both with a connection to the old Laughtons 80s night.

Will be a pity not to see you in Autumn, especially with the band line-up there.
From what I saw over the weekend, it seemed that there were more people there to see the bands in the spa than to wander around aimlessly hawking their images for hoards of photographers. Although there was still an amount of that on the Saturday.
The Spa on Friday was pretty busy, maybe not as busy as it has been at times but certainly busier than I've seen it on occasion too.
Saturday night was great, although I can't say how many people were in there as I was too busy watching the bands to count heads.
Sunday at Nostalgia was as busy as it could have been considering the lower numbers of people in the town, but still continuing along as it has since it started, a heaving crowd with a busy dancefloor.
Recollection was a successful experiment and one I'm told will be back in November with longer hours which I'm glad about, a great selection of 80's and early 90's music that isn't really cheesey or pop enough for the old Laughtons style night. For me it's got the perfect mix of music and was the best 'club' night of the weekend.
The split has definitely dwindled numbers, but a solid selection of bands at the spa for me is a bigger draw than the reported 'four venue gothic market' next weekend that seemingly has little else happening. I'll be interested to hear reports from this next weekend and it's impact on october/november. But I'd say that the car show switching dates is very telling about the way things are shifting.
Agreed - it was actually like the old days in that the actual music festival in The Spa was what it was all about and it was bloody marvellous too!
Aye - there for the bands too.
The car show had to switch dates. Its venue (basically a school car park) has a regular booking every year and it couldn't be changed, AFAIK.

AND the BSFF has Hallowe'en next year (2012) as well as this year, they announced it from the stage last year (2010).

I was in town on Sunday only and I missed seeing everyone wandering round dressed up, I think I met about one other goth wandering round :/

BTW there is a load of stuff happening this weekend, I know because I'm working at some of it and could easily have double booked on Friday and Saturday. There just isn't anything on at the Spa.


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I have to say personally I think it was sad that there were two competing 80s nights, but I went along to the Resolution one and had a really good time. It was pretty quiet to start with but I was too busy dancing to mind :)

It would definitely be better if they weren't fighting for the same customers though.
I was too busy dancing to mind
I must say I saw millions of photographers on the Saturday all looking a bit bored at the lack of 'spectacle' and the next time one manhandles my partner out of the way to get a shot of me then they will be getting their wide angle lens shoved where the sun don't shine!

Halloween 2012 is midweek btw so no weekend can really claim to 'have it'
Yep - I am one of the most passive people in the world, but the photographers get right up my nose.

-Can I take your picture
-Just stand still.
-You're all dressed up!
-Thank you, but I said no.
Followed by them doing it anyway?

-Can I take your photo
-Oh, go on.
-Fine. Can my boyfriend be in it too?
-Theres your answer then.

How RUDE. Even worse when they don't ask.


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