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whitby's Journal

the Whitby Goth Weekend (unofficial)
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This is the (entirely unofficial) Whitby Gothic Weekend community - somewhere to talk about the last event, post links to WGW reviews and photo galleries, or look forward to the next one. It's also an appropriate place to seek/sell tickets and accommodation.

The community 'memories' include announcements about dates, tickets and bands (as well as feedback about some Whitby restaurants, pubs and B&Bs) so if you're seeking information about the next Whitby Goth Weekend then you might want to check them before posting.

Please don't post unrelated ads (including eBay listings) or club/gig announcements here.

Please don't post things entirely in capital letters, in "kooky" miXEd cAsE or in txt spk, either. If you're going to post large images, please use cut tags - for any images that aren't worksafe, please add a note explaining this before the tag. And let's keep the flames to a minimum, please.

The official Whitby Gothic Weekend community - wgw - is now up and running. Announcements from the WGW organisers will appear there. There's also a syndicated news feed from the WGW website, which can be found at topmum.

This community is currently maintained by mrph and dmh.