Exile On Fascination Street. (thomasleesmith) wrote in whitby,
Exile On Fascination Street.

Carnival Macabre & MKM proudly presents a Happygoff Production: CABARET PHASMATIS @ The Spa

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th of April


As you wander the echoing halls..are you an angel?...a painter?...a dancer?...a magician?...So were they. And as your haunted footsteps catch their glittering fragments. Ask yourself…Dare you walk alone?

An innovative and visceral theatrical encounter in which the audience promenade through the fragmented ghost stories set within the many rooms of an atmospheric old music hall.

The show involves exploring an old musichall with parafin lanterns and discovering different scenes which tell fragmented ghost stories in the many rooms. You can follow one or two characters live out their ghostly demises, or catch fragments of many characters - the audience wander around the scenes, choosing what they watch. We will also be featuring special guest performers  Ivy Paige www.ivypaige.co.uk and painist Pete Saunders www.petesaunders.co,uk and Preacher www.preachingtotheconverted.com who will be performing cabaret throughout the evening in one of the many rooms you can explore. There will also be physical theatre in the mainspace"

For any information contact
Rose "Happygoff" Cleaver


0203 287 7438

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