Tasha (solo_beckett) wrote in whitby,

WGW Ticket offer

Give away some free stuff? Don't mind if we do..

From Midnight tonight until Midnight on Tuesday 25th June we'll be giving away a stylish official WGW T-shirt with every order placed for Nov WGW tickets.

Offer available while sticks lasts
Valid for orders placed through WGW site onlly and excludes outside resellers.

Full Weekend Tickets - £55.00 + £1.25 booking fee
Friday Tickets - £29.00 + £1.25 booking fee
Saturday Tickets - £29.00 + £1.25 booking fee
We also have a range of minor (10-16) and family tickets available, please see the online shop for details Book Online @ http://www.whitbygothweekend.com/tickets.php
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